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Boxes and Cases

Boxes Daisy S/2

Code: LD3684-1
Product Dimensions: L: 14x7 / S: 11x4.5cm
Product Material: MDF


Weight: 0.54kg
Length: 15.50cm
Width: 15.00cm
Height: 8.50cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 24

The Boxes Daisy is made from the best quality MDF with a focus on aesthetic beauty and appeal. It is a box that can go well on a lady's bedside table to keep her finest jewellery pieces or makeup items. It comes with a secure latch for the best of security.

The Boxes Daisy can easily become objects of great decorating affection in the home. They can be used to hold particular items like bibles, jewellery, cigars, chocolates, hats, cheese, wine, shoes, matches, and so much more. The Boxes Daisy has a vintage look that adds to the classic décor of a home, without you using it to store anything. It adds a natural feel into the rooms of the house where it is used. The Daisy design on it enhances it unique character, making it a bright storage space on coffee tables and a fantastic centrepiece for modern home decorating.

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