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Candle Soy Crackle Wick Vanilla & Hazelnut Lge

Code: LD3381-4
Product Dimensions: 10x12cm
Product Material: glass, wax, timber


Weight: 4.50kg
Length: 22.50cm
Width: 22.50cm
Height: 15.00cm
Inner Qty: 4
Carton Qty: 4

Please note: these candles have arrived and are not up to LaVida standard. They still burn and crackle as normal, however the wax bubbles during burning and when dried does not look appealing. These items have been reduced due to this issue and NO refunds or credits will be issued for this defect.

Bring the focus back on relaxing in the most soothing of illumination ever in the form of this beautiful candlelight seeped in soya wax that s infused with the best in aromatic oils comprising of hazelnut and vanilla fragrances, the depths of vanilla is topped by the woody voluptuousness of hazelnut that instantly invigorated us with their energy and sensation of fulfilment, the soy wax is organic hence the heat is controlled and fume less. The wax will give numerous hours of burning and the delightful mix of a glass container and a wood wick that gives out a faint crackling sound enhances the beauty of its experience. Add this to bedsides, the shelf or the side of your bath tub and relax in its ambient glow. The lid made of timber will allow you to store the candle once its use is over.

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