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Candleholder Blip Tall

Code: LA7671-6
Product Dimensions: 6x6x21H cm
Product Material: Aluminium


Weight: 2.04kg
Length: 13.00cm
Width: 18.00cm
Height: 22.00cm
Inner Qty: 6

Like a pillar of light looming out of the dark, this aluminium pillar candleholder is bold and truly modern in its design. The accent it will provide in the interior will be remarkable in terms of its bold designing, great, material usage and the illumination that will be marvellous.

Candle holders are a great way of introducing mood lighting into nay interiors and when they come as specially designed as this. The aluminium adds that look of shiny radiance in the lit up space as the tarnish free material remains looking good as new even after years of usage. Sturdy and solid, aluminium though is much lighter than other metals it does give great deal of solid support to the holder. The design is smooth and looks very modern and contemporary in it styling. It rises to 21 cm in height and has base that is wide enough to allow it to remain topple free despite having tall candle on it. The groove will hold the candle well enough for it to remain stable even while being shifted. Candleholders like this need to be showcased with love - on the main dining table as the centrepiece or in the corner or on the coffee table along with your other collectibles. A great enhancer and lighting accent that will be noticed for its neo modern looks.

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