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Candle Holders

Candleholder Namadji Lge

Code: BA8617-2
Product Dimensions: 20x14x42cm
Product Material: metal, glass


Weight: 2.40kg
Length: 29.00cm
Width: 21.00cm
Height: 44.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Bring the look of utter luxury and sophistication that illumination such as a candle can bring to your space because lights and options as dramatically designed as this, can only have such an impact making an ordinary setting suddenly feel extraordinarily ornate and gorgeous. Give your home the stunning effect of a choice in lighting that will create quite a stir in the mood and make your spaces liven up on a special sort of way.

A Moroccan lamp with a difference-this beautiful combination of metal and glass brings the glorious golden colour a whole new meaning in your décor-dull and burnished to an ageing look. In its antiquity lies it utterly covetable charm. The holder of the glass lantern that covers the candle will keep it from getting extinguished even when the winds pick up. In case you decide to place it in the outdoors, the option would work very well. The lamp can be held with ease with the help of the handle structured above making it compliant with carrying and placing it where need be. A superb lighting option that allows your spaces a delightfully indulgent lighting option. With the candle glowing inside the golden coloured interiors will come alive with an unmistakable royal kind of glow. The delicate filigree work on metal will throw a thousand tiny rays of light to create a dramatic play of light and shadows like few lamps can. Perfect for your console or the corner table, its 42 cm tall structure will help light up a large space as you will easily be able to place a large pillar candle within it.

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