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Canvas Coloured Horse

Code: AW1087-2
Product Dimensions: 50x70x3 cm
Product Material: Canvas


Weight: 2.00kg
Length: 8.40cm
Width: 71.20cm
Height: 51.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

It's a startlingly energetic and very powerful image that strikes you instantly as you set your eye son its handsome lines and the figure that it creates. A colorful rendition of art that tries to capture the wonderful natural shape and energy that a horse intrinsically projects which many an artist has been fascinated by. A great buy if things equestrian fascinates you as this canvas sure will light up the wall with much interest and render it a great focal point.

Adding art to walls is great to create more character and personality in your surroundings and when you have something as endearing as the figure of horses as inspiration, the result generally is nothing short of spectacular. Add this canvas to your walls and make theta al important change to the way your home looks. The canvas is 70 cm in height and 50 cm in width and makes for a very stylish statement on the wall that adds so much style and energy all around. The display has a colorful presence as every possible color has been included in creating the shape. The accuracy with which something as multicolored as this continues to look elegant has a lot to do with the imagination of the artists in which he has used colors in an indefinite spray of vividness -not defined yet solid and strong. That uniqueness makes it a plus point and the usp of this piece.

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