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Canvas Jaipur Mint

Code: SA7821-2
Product Dimensions: 80x3.5x80cm
Product Material: Canvas, Pine


Weight: 4.05kg
Length: 82.00cm
Width: 9.50cm
Height: 83.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 2

With regards to our Canvas Jaipur Mint, we have gone all out to as far as India to import the popular Jaipur design which is vividly presented on this canvas. At LaVida, we are committed to constantly seeking new, trendy designs which would make your store a favourite of customers. That is why our best artists went all the way to another continent in order to arrive at this elegant floral theme.

The Canvas Jaipur Mint is an ornate floral pattern that is inspired by designs associated with the Indian ancient city of Jaipur. This floral design features two layers of flower petals with different shapes and colouration. At the outermost edge are dripping colours which surrounds the first layer of petals. Right from the exterior of the first petals up to the perfectly round blue coloured interior, several colourful shades are employed in producing such astonishingly beautiful artwork. It features splashy colours like yellow, white, pink, black, navy blue, sky blue, etc. The whole artwork measures an incredible 80 centimetres making it suitable for placing on tables/floor while leaning against a wall. It can also be hanged on the wall to provide such instantaneous bright ambiance.

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