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Canvas Serene Sand Dunes

Code: SA7787-2
Product Dimensions: 90x3.5x60cm
Product Material: Polyester Canvas, Pine Frame


Weight: 3.40kg
Length: 93.00cm
Width: 11.00cm
Height: 63.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 2

Cast a spell of golden warm sands that will make your summer ready home feel the warmth of the changing weather and brighten the interiors in superb glowing kind of way. Adding such a superb looking art work is bound to send your décor to a new elegant high that will impact the over all mood and appeal of the space. Created on polyester canvas, the soft hues of this artwork is perfectly brought out through this creation.

The rolling sand dunes build in the feeling of summery warmth, the glint of gold in the sand and the warm colours if the sun - soaked sands makes the look of the space brighter and filled with a comforting warmth. If you wish to intensify the look of natural beauty in your home and any kind of interiors adding a feeling of warmth and comfort, this stunning canvas will do just that for you. The sight of sift hues of the rolling sand dunes across a canvas that is 60 cm in height and 90 cm in length makes it magnificent option or doing up walls right behind large couches, beds. Next to the large sideboard or the console as well. It shall instantly bring lovely coastal and beachy influence as well to your spaces. add that much needed personality to your walls with this truly elegant look canvas.

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