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Ceramic Owls Colour Assorted

Code: LD3153-1
Product Dimensions: 8X5.5X5cm
Product Material: ceramic


Weight: 0.50kg
Length: 13.50cm
Width: 14.00cm
Height: 9.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 2

Fired to perfection as the glaze on the body says - this set of owls are definitely going to help you balance the look of any space by making it look more in tune with the simple things in life that comes from an inspiration called nature. Made by expert hands, this set of colourful owls are tiny and could help dress up a space on the mantle or any table with its lovely tiny presence.

They are true head turners while they themselves are known to be able to turn heads like few creatures can! This tiny set if colourful owls are the best means to make small space liven up with a look of farm and country feel The little detailing on the body of the owls could only have been created by truly expert hands that know not just how to mould the clay well but also who knows the firing technique to perfection. The colour will add the zest of good cheer while many may even consider owls to be the harbinger of things lucky. Add kit to your study table to break the boredom, or simply place it in any space where you wish to lend more charm and a whole new look of the country and farm. Tu will simply love their pert heads, the sharp tiny beaks and of course the feathered body so well created. They sit well balanced and when placed in row one will find it difficult to choose one's favourite - they are all so endearing. It is a great means to enhance the ambience of the space and to lend it more cheer through colours and form.

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