Classic Candle Extra Large

  • Code: LB5259-6
  • Material: Natural Wax
  • Size: 7.5x7.5x15 cm
  • Min order quantity: 6
Inner Packaging:
  • Weight: 3.56 kg
  • Length: 16.00 cm
  • Width: 24.50 cm
  • Height: 16.00 cm
  • Inner Qty: 6
  • Carton Qty: 24
  • Volume: 0.01
Growing up, your mother always told you about the importance of keeping candles around your home in case of emergencies. What she never told you about is that many of them are going to release smoke as well as a horrible smell, and are going to drip all over your brand new tablecloth that took you months to find.

These Extra Large Classic Candles from Lavida won't give you the typical problems that many standard candles will give you. Not only are they fragrance free and smokeless, but they're also dripless and long burning. Considering their white color, you can incorporate them into any style of d_cor without having to shove them in a drawer just to find them should an emergency arise. As great as they are to keep around for emergencies, they're also just as wonderful to use for their beauty. Seems like your mother had a point after all.


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