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Clock Galvan

Code: BA8522-1
Product Dimensions: 53x7x54H cm
Product Material: Metal, Glass, Rope


Weight: 3.18kg
Length: 53.50cm
Width: 11.50cm
Height: 54.50cm
Inner Qty: 1

Rustic bronzed and dull - this vintage clock with roman numeral speaks of so many great features to make it a stunning inclusion in the home to not just make an impression on some wall but also to help highlight the beauty of the rest of the shabby chic or vintage feel of the décor.

There is something about the very alchemy of iron work décor pieces that makes them so very attractive when profiled against the beauty of the ordinary detailed home environment. Take this bronzed avatar of an industrial theme clock with its rustic and sturdy round frame that has copper rivets all and it and the lettering in roman numerals so clearly visible. The larger the clock more the chances is that it will not be too obtrusive with its features and shall quietly take its place on large wall and still looks stunning in its individuality. This round clock with its 56 cm face and dark hands seems perfect for those homes that have walls in large spaces that could do with a singular accent that works great as a clock too! The face of the clock is transparent being covered with glass while the back has no cover thus allowing one to see the numbers and the hands of the clock with much clarity. The clock Galvan can be hung from the rope belt that is fixed to the rim, making it so very easy to suspend.

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