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Clock Horses Run

Code: LC9429-2
Product Dimensions: 34x34x3 cm
Product Material: MDF


Weight: 0.56kg
Length: 35.00cm
Width: 34.50cm
Height: 4.50cm
Inner Qty: 2

A clock that captures the dramatic and fleeting energy displayed by horses running - a sight that can be called simply - riveting. In this clock the best of styling and printing has been incorporated along with the best in class mechanics for making the cloak functional and accurate.

Lavida has always displayed a great concern for creating decor pieces that are smart, stylish and what modern and contemporary homes are seeking - practical good looks and functionality. This cock has a feel of great art as it captures a lovely picture and places it on the face of the clock. Each time one sees the time, you are reminded of the beauty that this picture wants to convey - of the meadows, running horses and the freshness of the outdoors. A simple utility article has thus been raised to something more - a piece of decor, a great eye candy - a colour pop on the walls that will automatically spread its energy and beauty all around. The numbers are the hands of th clock are sharply defined thus making their visibility rather clear.

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