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Clock Oval Grande

Code: UV7138-1
Product Dimensions: 60x4.5x86cm
Product Material: Wood/ metal


Weight: 4.60kg
Length: 90.00cm
Width: 6.00cm
Height: 65.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

The face is oval, the embossed in blue numbers subtle in colour effect-the 80 cm tall face and 60 cm width, making the oval clock a superb means to enhance the beauty of your space and keep track of time. Clock such as thus are as great for your living room, adding a touch of design quirk and a modern twist to the look all at once.

Keeping pace with the day can be quite a deal in the modern times -after all it is all about keeping pace with the fast-moving times. Here is a beautifully created clock that builds in the look of style and sophistication with the help of subtle colours seen in its washed in white wood frame and its equally sift coloured off white face-the numerals in a blue adds to the look of sophistication. The hands of the clock are in black. The oval shape of the clock is its biggest usp, adding a touch of quirk shape to make the impact modern and in keeping with the uniqueness that makes such accent a great choice for your home. The body if the clock is sturdy, made of metal and its mechanism is state of art with an error free time keeping mechanism. The frame is in white and the textural quality of its face makes its look all the more appealing. The oval shape comes from its 80 cm height and its 60 cm width. Place this on a wall that plays an important role in impacting your décor as well-perhaps above the console or on the wall facing the study table. Anyway, ad any place is great for making its look impactful.

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