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Mother's Day

Compact Leopard Cut

Code: LA7077-4
Product Dimensions: 7x7 cm
Product Material: Metal, Glass


Weight: 0.10kg
Length: 9.00cm
Width: 9.00cm
Height: 3.00cm
Inner Qty: 4

Wild and bold-like the spots on a leopard are considered completely unique, in the same manner it embodies the fact that each woman is unique and distinct. This compact is not just another accessory but the one that will wholesomely impact how one would look at all times. The tiny compact with great looks and amazing great quality will be your constant purse companion when you are on the go.

Vanity is a celebrated word in a woman's dictionary and why should it not be?-With beauty past compare and the need to always look one's best is what most of us want to aspire to ? and to help all ladies desirable of the same-here is the little miracle compact case that will present to you the best in high quality mirror, an easy to operate closure and of such great looks that one would feel the urge to hold it longer in one's hand to show off its great features. This leopard inspired compact features great style with unique design and wonderful easy to use features to make it one's favourite accessory-the kind without which one would not like to step out of one's home.

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