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Coral On Wood Oval Centre

Code: MH8306-1
Product Dimensions: 40x100x9cm
Product Material: Resin, timber


Weight: 5.80kg
Length: 42.00cm
Width: 12.50cm
Height: 104.50cm
Inner Qty: 1

If you have set your sights on the deep blue ocean and want to bring to your interiors its serenity and drama alike-there are several offerings from Lavida that will help in the most resplendent of ways. Add this plaque in such a manner that it will send your rustic and marine featuring home to a new high in style and sophistication.

Your coastal home can get a brand-new character if only you can imaginatively use the superb combination of wood and coral that Lavida brings to you. Made to add the tonal beauty of coral ivory colour and its textured fine design with the textures that natural timber possesses-this is a happy communion of two completely varying mediums, yet they come together with such perfectness of purpose and blend in beautifully as nature deemed it to. This plaque showcases a panel like proportion with a longish oval disc of coral right in the middle gracing the length of the panel. You could use this to create an abstract kind of presentation on the wall with another such wooden board or simply use it laterally above the side board or the console and light it up from below-adding more beauty to its colour and unique kind of form. An imaginative and creative usage of textures, colours and form for your truly coastal feel home. The plaque is 100 cm long and 40 cm wide.

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