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Cushion Blue Hummingbird

Code: LD4119-1
Product Dimensions: 44x44cm
Product Material: linen, polyester


Weight: 0.70kg
Length: 43.00cm
Width: 43.00cm
Height: 7.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 30

For the love of things delectable and delightfully pretty -here is a spring look inclusion bound to lend your home and spaces the touch of beauty without a major makeover. Adding throw cushions always is an easy option if you wish to update the look of any seating-touching it up with colours. Textures and a beautiful theme that is seasonally relevant. Here is one such cushion that will bring in fresh summer and spring vibe and help adorn the space more spectacularly.

Spread colour and joy in your saces with this stunning pink white and blue cushion that shows off a vivid floral pattern printed on the face with a hummingbird making things seem all the more beautiful. The cushion is filled with the vivacity of the season of Summer and Spring. Made of polyester linen, it is as great for your bedroom as it is for the living room and any seating area that needs that touch of luxurious relaxation. Layer the seating with it, adding more solid shades in whites and greys to muted greens and yellow and create a superbly fresh-looking feeling all around, the seamd are sturdy and should be bale to take the wear and tear of a seating that is often used. Adding cushions such as this will instantly give your space a whole new fresh look much in keeping with the season. The cushion is square with 44 cm dimensions and will thus be the right choice of all kinds of sofas and armchairs, gazebo seats in the outdoor or your bedroom as well.

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