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Children's Gifts & Decor

Cushion Sequin Unicorn

Code: LD4258-2
Product Dimensions: 40x40cm
Product Material: polyester, plastic


Weight: 0.90kg
Length: 37.00cm
Width: 37.00cm
Height: 15.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 30

To change design, just flip sequins!

Mystical and magical and things that only dreams bring can be made part of your children's room -especially when you need to give the space whole new bright update. Here are cushions from Lavida made of sequins and polyester fabric to lend it some true tinsel like sparkle and a whole new mystical energy.

Adding cushions to any space instantly converts it to a feeling of being more relaxing and fun- and with cushions that have especially created with sequins the effect is all the more special. Made with sequins that change into a different graphics you would also lend the space whole new fun angle. After all kids are always up for some change and what could be better than the presence of unicorns to lend their imaginative play hours more magical kind of presence. The polyester made bright printed cushion, with sturdy seams and the kind of colours that will blend in well with all kinds of spaces you may have for the children-freshen up the little nook on the terrace or the play room or the children's bedroom itself. The shiny sequins bring out the accuracy of the graphics in the most amazing kind of way. Add plain cushions made from fabric to give more prominence to these extra special additions.

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