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Cushion Spider Orchid Pink

Code: LD4114-1
Product Dimensions: 44x44cm
Product Material: linen, polyester


Weight: 0.70kg
Length: 42.00cm
Width: 42.00cm
Height: 7.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 30

Accent pillows are great means to make your spaces liven up like few things can-after all they bring colour, form, textures and a variety of themes that makes the space come lave with a fresh new feel-besides wherever you nee to ad a touch of softness and comfort, such throw cushions are always a welcome sight. Here is one that renders the space more ready for the Spring season -the pink blossom surrounded by the green foliage a true spectacle of fresh beauty.

Exotic blooms surrounded by the fresh green leaves of an orchid plant makes this a decidedly Spring time look addition for your spaces. Throw cushion of this size and pattern will render your home and space ready for a relaxing stint on the couch. You could layer the space with more of these floral shades like inks, yellows and shades and hues of greens for that all fresh seasonal change. After all, with the Spider orchid for company everything else gets that exotic oriental far east appeal as well. You could play around with other cushions is varied shapes and patterns to go with the Spring look. Place this on couches armchairs f do up the outdoor gazebo to suit the greens around with this polyester linen made cushion and see how beautifully it enhances the look of natural beauty like never before.

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