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Decor Rabbit Run

Code: TE912-4
Product Dimensions: 10x3x5H cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 1.16kg
Length: 10.50cm
Width: 5.50cm
Height: 14.00cm
Inner Qty: 4

If you like the freshness and innocence that a farm and country feel home brings then you would certainly love these tiny metal figurines curated by Lavida for its discerning buyers who know great taste and quality. This little rustic figure is an adorable accent for any of those spaces that you know will get plenty of attention and such tiny detailing to drive home the theme is always welcome.

This little rabbit seems to have found a spot where he is lying in absolute and utter bliss. Comfortable and not frisky at all - he is where he belongs. The little figurine has bene made form metal that has been given a coat of white paint purposely aged to give it an antique vintage appeal. A shabbiness of this kind always lends more character to the space sand helps build in a certain kind of personality that make spaces attain a more distinct feel. Just about 5 cm in height, the 10 cm in length bunny has his ears stretched out as if listening to every faint sound and his almost life like look feel as if his nose just twitched smelling your presence. The peeling paint in fact ads a lovely touch of vintage age to the piece. Place it on the coffee table or the side table where no one will fail to notice its pert little presence. You could also use it like a paper weight on your study table - such is its wonderful size.

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