Display Box Magnets

  • Code: SG1752-1
  • Material: MDF
  • Size: 40x26x44cm
  • Min order quantity: 1
  • Weight: 4.60kg
  • Length: 52.00cm
  • Width: 32.00cm
  • Height: 46.00cm
  • Inner Qty: 1
  • Carton Qty: 1
Display box made from medium density fibreboard (MDF), which is a specially engineered wood free from natural defects with smooth surface and precision finish, you don't have to worry about knots on the surface. The material is specifically chosen because of its consistency and durability.
The display box characterises nine partitioned compartments in an attractive shelf that allows you to show off collectables and fun memories. This display box magnet is a perfect fit for any interior décor as it makes a bold statement on its own. With a fine detailed structure to display high-quality item used at home for simply displaying fun memories from a recent trip or voyage. It conveniently allows one to save one's living space and beautifying interiors. Display box magnet is placed in the kitchen and even stores, you can never go wrong with this item. Did I mention that you can prevent the display box from looking sparse by displaying artwork, ornaments, treasures, and vinyl on it?


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