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Doorstop Woven Navy

Code: BB362-1
Product Dimensions: 18x11x19cm
Product Material: Rush Straw, Rope


Weight: 1.60kg
Length: 18.00cm
Width: 11.00cm
Height: 19.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 8

PLEASE NOTE: As each piece undergoes a process of being hand woven with natural materials and coloured with natural dyes, shape, size and colour may vary in this product range.

The nature of this navy woven doorstop will help keep your doors from slamming shut and will help you keep then open or slightly pen as per your need, after all, doors do come down hard especially s the wind pick up and can be quite a hazard with children around. This necessary accessory for your home comes beautifully styled to lend your space a delightful kind of look. Made from straw and coloured pleasingly it has the ability to grip the floor well and give doors the much - needed disciplining.

The blue of the straw made doorstop contrast vividly with white coloured rope handle that makes it super easy to lift and place it near the door of your choice. So when bringing in heavy shopping - or ensuring that the nursery door is slightly ajar as you have you lunch or cook in the kitchen, or when the windy condition makes doors slam shut violently, you could use this trusty old doorstop to bring you the solid support you need to keep them safe from slamming shut. Made from yarn that has been woven expertly. Its weighty enough to grip the floor well. The blue colour adds a touch of nautical blue to your space and makes it feel fresh and modern chic.

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