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Artificial Plants

Faux Cycad Fern

Code: LD3546-1
Product Dimensions: 23H / 14x14cm
Product Material: Plastic, resin


Weight: 0.40kg
Length: 13.00cm
Width: 13.00cm
Height: 28.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

Like in the case of a real natural cycad, the trunk thickens down to a woody kind of base that sits inside the soil like mix - the fern like spiky thick leaves with rich fronds pan outwards making a beautiful stylish green statement. Here is a fine option in making your interiors come alive with the true touch of natural beauty.

Adding greens to your interiors is a great means to enhance their beauty and style yet at the same time because of the looking after and care plants need, they seldom are easy to handle. Here is a faux cycad that settles the score for you - made from resin and plastic, it mimics the real cycad to its each and every minute detail - including the gnarly wooden base and its spiky leafy branching. The intense green coloured leaves are perfectly matched in colour, to the real thing. The planter and the soil lie mix that can be seen at the base adds to its natural charm. the height of this piece is all of 23 cm and its planter which is white in colour and made of ceramic contrasts vividly with it. Since there are two stumps that seem to be giving out the fern like branches, its look is even more lifelike. Can be wiped clean to refresh its colour and vibrancy. A wonderful addition to shelves, corners or any space that could do with a bit of natural colour.

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