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Artificial Plants

Faux Mixed Succulent 3

Code: LD3536-6
Product Dimensions: 16x10cm
Product Material: Plastic, resin, ceramic


Weight: 1.60kg
Length: 27.00cm
Width: 22.00cm
Height: 15.50cm
Inner Qty: 6

They thrive in less water and make an impression like any other real plant - the succulents in a white planter from Lavida will help your interiors get the advantage of a natural touch of beauty without the fuss and care that real plants need. Add this to mantles and table tops for that delightful freshness and make a difference to the entire look of that spot.

They come residing in a ceramic planter in white - the soil like base and the tiny fern like grassy short accompanied by echeverias and aloe plant that make quite a splash of colour and shape in their most natural selves. This planter can be placed atop tables and shelves as they will be bone dry and fuss free when it comes to their maintenance, just a wipe of cloth and they will look bright and fresh like a real plant. The tips are touched with colour like in the real succulent varieties on display here. The solid like mixture seen at its base adds to the feeling of authenticity. The plant is al of 16 cm in height including the height of the planter. Sits well balanced on its square base and shall bring a superb feel of natural foliage to your spaces. Made from high quality flexible and natural to touch resin and plastic. The faceted ceramic planter in itself adds a touch of uniqueness with its design.

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