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Artificial Plants

Faux Orchid Purple Small

Code: LA8688-1
Product Dimensions: 8x8x34H cm
Product Material: Plastic, Foam, Ceramic


Weight: 0.36kg
Length: 9.00cm
Width: 9.00cm
Height: 35.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 48

They have the deep fragrance of eternal beauty as if defying a description - their glowing colours set the mood for things exquisite, these flowers are as beautiful as they are hardy occurring in moist tropical forests, surviving and sustaining themselves in the most unique form. Their bulbous roots, the slender stems and the thick rubbery leaves, all in place, makes this a stunning display for your home and spaces.

Displaying some of the most inspiring specimen from nature makes this gorgeous orchid in ceramic planter, your best means to add a n attractive little spot anywhere in your spaces. Be it your office, home or any place you call yours, this gorgeous deep purple orchid will amaze your with its life like natural features. Popping out as if from wood debris, moist and glowing in its natural colours, bids hanging as if awaiting maturity, the leaves soft and supple to touch and the stem, a woody reminder of its former roots - the purple orchid steals your heart right out. About 34 cm in height and 8 cm in dimensions as it sits in its white ceramic planter - it could be most suited for table tops, counters, the console or the corner where you wish to add something of interest. There can be few that can match the inspiration that nature gives you and these faux orchid amazes you in the manner in which its natural feel has been replicated so perfectly. No more wilting, yellowing or shedding as these orchids will bring to your home eternal beauty.

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