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Artificial Plants

Faux Plant Monstera

Code: LA8693-2
Product Dimensions: 19x17x60H cm
Product Material: Plastic, Foam Glass, Clay


Weight: 2.50kg
Length: 25.00cm
Width: 22.00cm
Height: 22.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

The leaves will tell a tale their own - the unmistakable shape - cutwork like leaves, the broad width of each frond and the feeling of tropical lushness that comes with it makes this faux Monstera a wonderful pick if you are looking for fuss free low maintenance plant for your display. Enjoy the beauty of nature without the usual challenge of shedding leaves and regular watering.

Bring the joy of natural vegetation without the fuss of watering them or cleaning their shed leaves, and with plants as lush and luxurious as a monster the look would be nothing less than dramatic. The broad eaves of the Monstera plants are glassy and can be bent to suit one's idea of how the leave should be spanning across. The base is a clay pot painted white with the stems popping out as if twoards the light surrounded by smaller herbs that surrounded the larger stems. The colour effect, the feel of the leaves when touched is marvellously like the real plant. The height being 60 cm makes it suitable for floor placements. Care has been taken to top the base with pebbled so as to make it look as real as it can get. The planter gives more balance to the display and while it may be a faux plant keeping it in natural light sources will create just the right play of shadow and colour. Will help create a wonderful backdrop for any setting. Easy to clean with damp cloth, its colour will remain fade free giving you the pleasure of its lush beauty for many years to come.

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