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Artificial Plants

Faux Succulent Lrg 3

Code: LD3545-6
Product Dimensions: 19H / 7x7cm
Product Material: Plastic, resin


Weight: 0.75kg
Length: 25.00cm
Width: 17.00cm
Height: 18.50cm
Inner Qty: 6

The thick leaves seem to be filled with fresh sap - rubbery smooth and leafing out from the main body of the stem - so close to the natural form that you would be tempted to touch it - here is that perfect natural look replica of a beautiful succulent that is bound to lend any space in your home or outside that fuss free and easy to care for touch of nature.

Succulent come in many variety and one thing common to most of them is the innate ability to withstand the harshest of climatic condition - despite that keeping the natural form of succulents comes with the tag of extreme care - yet Lavida brings for all lovers of succulent the most natural looking resin version which will satisfy you in terms of its almost like real beauty and yet keep them easy to maintain and always ready to cheer up your spaces. Made of resin and plastic they have thick rubbery leaves that can be wiped clean to look new as ever. This piece comes sitting inside a ceramic made planter topped with a solid like mix to give it a real plant like look. The plant is altogether 19 cm in height and its ceramic planter has a width of about 7 cm. the white coloured planter with its soil like mix and the lovely sap green of the plant make a refreshing spot of natural beauty in any space of your home.

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