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Artificial Plants

Faux Succulent Sml 1

Code: LD3537-12
Product Dimensions: 12x5cm
Product Material: Plastic, resin


Weight: 0.95kg
Length: 27.00cm
Width: 22.00cm
Height: 15.50cm
Inner Qty: 12

Succulents have the ability to create a lovely natural touch of beauty in your spaces with their thick rubbery leaves and leaf shapes, and patterns that look stunning when placed in the right manner, and here is one such creation in resin and plastic that is truly close to the real plant. The long leaved succulent set in a white planter is soft green in colour and about 12 cm in height.

The tiny ceramic planter is all of 5 cm in its square width while the height is all of 12 cm. The thick rubbery leaf has spines and is in light green colour that makes the entire appearance really fresh and attractive. The solid yet delicate feel - it a truly authentic look adding to its overall charm. The single whorl is replete with multiple leaves each thick and lush in look. The superb feel of the resin and plastic made plant makes the touch of nature feel so very refreshingly beautiful, keep it atop shelves, mantles, sideboard, your kitchen shelf or even your vanity space. Adding a touch of green lends it a colour pop and so aligns it better with the nature - based theme you would love to add to your décor.

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