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Artificial Plants

Faux Succulent Textured 2

Code: LD3550-6
Product Dimensions: 15H / 7x6cm
Product Material: Plastic, resin, ceramic


Weight: 1.90kg
Length: 19.50cm
Width: 20.00cm
Height: 16.50cm
Inner Qty: 6

The leaves seem to be filled with sap - their reddish colour a perfect replica of how you would find these succulents growing in nature. A plant with personality, the leaving so wonderfully like in the natural version of the plant - here is a great means to make a fuss free addition to your spaces that can be simply washed or wiped clean to give it a dewy kind of freshness.

Adding plants to your interiors makes them align well with the beauty that only nature can give you. They make spaces feel more serene, and at the same time vibrant. Here is a little inclusion whose stunning shape and colour makes it as close to a real succulent as replicas can get. The sap filled thick rubbery leaves, the perfect whorl that replicates a real plant and the manner in which little details, such as the colour variation along the leaf itself and the addition of soil like ix on top of the planter, have been added, makes it a great means to enhance the beauty of corner, table tops and mantles. A simple wipe of cloth and it will continue to look as fresh as ever. Fuss free and easy on care, it will help you add a touch of natural beauty to all little nooks helping you take away their dullness. Its off white textured ceramic planter is one such detail that makes its beauty quite delightfully enchanting.

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