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Glass Bird Milliefiori

Code: LA8168-2
Product Dimensions: 9x7x11H cm
Product Material: Glass


Weight: 0.36kg
Length: 12.00cm
Width: 5.00cm
Height: 11.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

When décor meets an inspiration from nature a piece of art can be formed. Inspired by nature, created with a material that has the ability to make even the simplest of objects look ethereal, here is bird figure that captures the beauty of a thing blithe and so captivating in its energy and liveliness - the bird milliefiore is indeed a work of classic glassware.

About 11 cm in height the tiny little creature sits on its rather well rounded lower body. Well balanced and the kind that will be able to maintain its balance on flat surfaces. The beak is dark in color as are the tiny eyes. The extra usage of bright colors gets its due attention in the form of the bird. The wings, the shape of the body and the detailing, all seem to synchronize to make a lovely impression of beauty and grace. Playful, tropical and very enticing for those spaces that could do with some color - add it to the collection of glass objects that you have because here is spice where handiwork is clearly reflected as is the usage of dimensional design which makes the bird look fabulous from any angle.
Place this amidst your collection of tiny accents and see how well it will blend in with the rest. Add it to your tiny collectible list and add the zestful spirit that birds bring to any space.

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