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Glass Elephant B/w

Code: LD3254-1
Product Dimensions: 12.5x10.5x20cm
Product Material: Glass


Weight: 1.10kg
Length: 17.00cm
Width: 9.50cm
Height: 20.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 24

Offered for your consideration, this very neat B/w glass elephant paperweight is in excellent condition with no discolouration and is sure to steal the show at any desk or shelf presentation. Displaying monochromatic beauty in colours of black and white, it is both a pretty and functional piece to add to an office or home decor.

This brightly painted little elephant is in a joyous mood, raising its trunk high and trumpeting away to signal its excitement. It is very intricately designed with black base colour and white highlights of a checked pattern all over its body apart from the trunk, mouth and ears which are in natural transparent glass colour. This quirky little elephant statuette is 20cm tall, 12.5cm wide at its widest point and is solid and heavy for the size. It will make a little big and interesting paperweight on a desk or add a woodland touch to the decor.

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