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Decorative Glassware

Glass Jar Owlet

Code: LD3183-4
Product Dimensions: 7x8.5cm
Product Material: Glass


Weight: 0.20kg
Length: 8.00cm
Width: 6.00cm
Height: 9.50cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 1

You have seen at a number of times, sitting in one branch its large eyes fixed on a prey. The hoot is distinctive and its shape clearly visible even from distance. A nocturnal creature - the owl, is the inspiration behind this gorgeously created glass case which will add a great deal of charm and beauty wherever it is placed.

Nature is the greatest inspiration for beauty and one of its most loved creatures the tiny little owl adds a touch of whimsy to your decor while at the same time it does perform functional role to its best. Made of glass, expert craftsmen have created this cut glass figure in the shape of an owl and converted it into the most convenient to use cases. While it could hold your trinkets, spices and the likes, and natural beauty it would make quite another impact. You can see the distinctive shape, the large round eyes and the tiny little ears. The upper portion of the body lifts off just like a regular cover while the lower body behaves like a tiny compartment. The entire shape is well - balanced and could fit into a small space - be it your bedside table, the dresser or even your coffee table when it could behave just like any other accent. That little piece is just another one of the wonderful products in glass on offer from Lavida. As such, glass always lends a space a certain brightness. Adding glassware lends interiors of modern flair yet with this piece you would not be too far away from creating a farm country appeal.

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