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Candle Holders

Hanging Candelabra Lintel Natural

Code: BA8583-1
Product Dimensions: 81x12x34H cm + Chain
Product Material: Metal, Wood


Weight: 2.58kg
Length: 82.00cm
Width: 13.50cm
Height: 24.50cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 6

The delight of adding just the right kind of lighting to your home can only be felt when you settle into its ambiance - radiant to soft mellow - taking away the harshness of reality and letting your sense live in the magic of the beautiful moment. Add this hanging candelabra and make the most resounding statement that a great design idea brings with it and see the difference it can make to your interiors.

Feel the magic of a beautiful design with this gorgeous wood and metal combined votive holder - made to a size and proportion that it performs as spectacularly like any other candelabra. The votives line up in the tiny crevice built into the plank which has been left rustic and natural. The arched metal frame gives it the right kind of hanging feature which again gets an additional chain hanging so as to allow a longer hanging option. If you would like the lintel to be lowered to right above a dining table that would very much be possible. Six glass votives can be settled into the little spaces built into the wood. The glass votives allow the light to glow in a mellow sort of way and yet it is enough to give your décor that subtle lighting effect that is truly unique. Hang it above tables, corner, or in the garden from the branch and place a dining table to take your party outdoors. There are so many possibilities with this gorgeous piece at your disposal. The length of the piece is 81 cm and its height is 34 cm.

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