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Hanging & Pendant Lighting

Hanging Lamp Drop Cage Copper

Code: YW7501-2
Product Dimensions: 17x17x26 cm +1.4m textile cable
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 1.70kg
Length: 18.00cm
Width: 33.00cm
Height: 28.50cm
Inner Qty: 2

The Hanging Lamp Drop Cage copper is a dramatic look at how new age illumination is getting to - stylistically simple its pear shaped body is the skeletal pattern of an inverted cage and the bulb shows right through it making it seem all the more modern and minimalistic.

Home decors have come a long way and high on detail and definition items have slowly given way to low on detail and very simple yet solidly styled items that spell class and clarity of shape. This hanging lamp has the advantage of giving one a copper colored tone that makes the place look more vibrantly antique and vintage. It can be placed above a space that one wants to highlight for its beauty or be hung over a dull space to make it brighter and worth decorating. The lamp has been meticulously crafted from metal and has a diameter of 17 cm and a height of 26 cm. The textile cord that is sued for hanging the lamp is about 1. 4 meter and that will allow it to be hung high or really low as in the case of corners where its could be placed a little lower. A fabulous add on to those homes that want a makeover through simple adjustments of lighting.

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