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Hanging & Pendant Lighting

Hanging Lamp Fille Bulb

Code: YW7510-2
Product Dimensions: 23x23x34 cm + 1.4m textile cable
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 1.80kg
Length: 47.00cm
Width: 24.00cm
Height: 35.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

As opposed to oriental and more antique look lamps modern day lampshade designs have moved more towards creating effective illumination with very little emphasis on ornate design and this metallic lampshade used for suspended lights is a perfect example of such utilitarian ideas. Created from metal shaped like around grid, this is a perfect pick for modern homes that are reworking their illumination designs.

The transformation of any space into something more interesting depends a great deal on the lighting and suspended lights are a great way of ensuring not just brightness in the exteriors or interiors but also the ability to highlight what one wants to and not do so in other spaces. This metal lampshade is a modern take on a conventional lampshade that used to be mostly made from fabric or glass and has since then come a long way. The metal shade gives more illumination through its grid and its stark black color provides a clear definition to its form and looks, which in a sense makes it as much part of the decor. This oblong shaped wire grid design shade has a copper colored holder that gives it a neat finish and could be used over the dining table, in the porch or the patio with same ease. It comes with a textile cable to help in suspending it easily.

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