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Hanging & Pendant Lighting

Hanging Lamp Jaula Copper

Code: YW7504-2
Product Dimensions: 20x20x23 cm + 1.4m textile cable
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 1.65kg
Length: 39.00cm
Width: 20.50cm
Height: 25.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

All spaces need a certain kind of definition in terms of looks as well as theme and when it comes to use of metals like copper, the sense one gets is that of solid sobriety and an old world feel of chimneys and the hoot of steamers passing by the harbor. This lamp shade however will lend more than an antique feel and liven up the space with a certain modern charm albeit the vintage way.

Lighting done with great style is possible with the new range of lampshades that have redefined how modern home lighting can be used. Not the conventional shade, this copper colored grid designed shade is round in shape and about 20 cm in diameter with a tiny bit of design that can be seen on the upper rim - besides that there is barely any other form of embellishments which further throws into the relief the pure joy of copper and its gorgeous looks. The lamp could be hung low or kept a little high as the cord offers one to flex the height as per need. The lighting effect will be quite subtle as the bulb will create a low intensity illumination juts to highlight some space and it in fact could be placed alongside numerous other such suspended lamps to create more drama.

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