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Hanging Light Hoja Vintage

Code: FQ4015-2
Product Dimensions: 20x20x35 cm
Product Material: Metal, Glass


Weight: 1.70kg
Length: 26.00cm
Width: 25.50cm
Height: 41.50cm
Inner Qty: 2
Volume: 0.03

A great deal of onus does lie on the manner in which we do up our lighting and seldom can one find a better deal to make that big difference to the way our interiors looks except when we change the lighting-in this case the Hoja lamp includes the perfect design with the usage of glass and metal to give you that perfect design blend.

Brighten up your home with a little different kind of lighting with the Hoja lamp that combines the delicate beauty of clear glass in gorgeous tulip like shape with an inner design of a metal holder that gives the shade a rare kind of beauty. When the design is as exquisite as this one can rely on simple decor and when the light itself is going to be as special as this the simplest of decors gets highlighted in the best possible way. Such pendant lights could be used in any room of the interior and one could either used them in a linear arrangement or simply add them in clusters or hung in random heights to build n more drama. The which like suspension and the holder both have an antique edge in its detailing and design and there is a sumptuous amount of interest it will build in because of it. Here is the most wonderful means to add a touch of distinction to your home or any part of your interior with just this simple inclusion.

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