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Ceramic Hanging Hearts

Hanging Star Awesome Teacher

Code: SG1229-6
Product Dimensions: 8x9cm + hanger
Product Material: Ceramic, Ribbon


Weight: 0.50kg
Length: 13.00cm
Width: 11.50cm
Height: 12.00cm
Inner Qty: 6
Carton Qty: 144

Please Note: Imperfections may occur due to a unique, handcrafted ceramic mold.
They are rare and they are awesome no doubt - talented, superb at moulding young minds and so very astute in their wisdom, such teachers always leave an indelible mark on the personalities of young minds. Here is a beautiful ceramic star that pays a tribute to one such teacher. Give it straight from your heart to one who has made a difference to the way you look at life.

We owe such a great deal to our teachers - who selflessly and tirelessly have worked towards giving not just an education but just the right kinds of values that moulds our personality. Add amongst many of your gratitude filled gifts this tiny heart that will bare your feelings for any teacher who has impacted your life. It could be gifted many years after you left school or college - it could be gifted when you are passing by your old school and wish to make your old teacher feel the same warmth of your gratitude. The simple hangable heart albeit is small size is rather big in what it is trying to convey - the pure admiration in the words and the deep respect coming from your heart is all there to see. The tiny ceramic star is five pointed, rather smooth and made of white ceramic , very pure and pristine in look can be hung from the tiny looped ribbon on the top slotted through the tiny hole built into it.

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