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Hanging Starfish Seafoam

Code: BT401-12
Product Dimensions: 6.5x6x1.5cm
Product Material: Ceramic


Weight: 0.40kg
Length: 23.00cm
Width: 8.00cm
Height: 10.00cm
Inner Qty: 12

Sling it across the door knob, hang it from the entryway door bell, or simply have easy and lose on the window-there is so much beauty in things simple that a décor thrives with their presence and tis starfish will lend the same fresh feel to your coastal feel home. A soft blue colour makes its look quite distinctive. It is textured and made of fine quality hand crafted ceramic-it is a wonderful addition to make a small space feel the touch of marine wonder.

If your heart sings each time you think of the beach and the coastal world, there can be little doubt that this tiny little starfish too will simply steal your heart. Made of handcrafted ceramic, its creamy dull white feels wonderful in its textured form. The tiny ribbon attachment ensures that you can with ease sling it across door knobs or handles and any place where there is an option of suspending things from. A beautiful means to lend your hoe and spaces the touch of marine life in the simplest possible way. The starfish could be used in singles or bunched up and made to look more dramatic. Could be used like a regular accent or given away as a party favour for a marine themed party. Who can escape the beauty and the wonder that creatures from the deep sea can bring and this little creature does just that.

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