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Heart Gift Tags Love White S/6

Code: IA4272-4
Product Dimensions: 9x9H cm each tag
Product Material: Handmade Paper


Weight: 0.10kg
Length: 11.50cm
Width: 0.30cm
Height: 26.50cm
Inner Qty: 4
Carton Qty: 144

You love picking up gifts for all - and with each of them comes loads of love and gratitude you wish to convey - writing long pieces of poetry is not quite your thing - why not add the most needed highlight with the help of this heart shaped tag that says what your heart wishes to convey - and in such a sweet and subtle way. Perfect for special occasions and party favours.

Make your gift to someone stand out not just because of the manner in which you have packaged it but also the manner in which you have conveyed what needs to be said - a simple tag made with handmade paper allows you to communicate that all important message with much subtlety. The ivory white handmade paper tag has an uneven edge as if torn and the golden ring through which runs the white thread gives you the loop that can be tagged easily. The package comes with six such tags. Despite being made of paper alone; the quality is such that it will not get damaged while on its place of delivery. You could also write out your message as its 9 - cm length and height gives you ample space for that. The print of the word and the very simplicity of the design is its most important quality. A perfect way to add a touch of true feelings.

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