Hooks Live Bark

  • Code: W9047-4
  • Material: Wood, Metal
  • Size: 30x16x3 cm
  • Min order quantity: 4
Hooks can be employed for very different hanging objectives, depending upon their particular setting. People use them for hanging keys, coats, hats and other personal wares within offices. Domestic uses include hanging items within the living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and other strategic zones. Durable and firm materials are normally used for constructing them.

The item Hooks Live Bark has a measurement of 30x16x3 cm and features metallic hooks fixed onto a live bark of wood. It has the words 'live', 'love' and 'bark' indicated in clear fashion and has a general appeal that makes the product applicable for an array of settings. These include official and domestic applications. Various utensils may be hung on Hooks Live Bark for instance if installed on the wall of a kitchen to enable convenient accessing and handling operations when one is cooking. Overall, hooks afford users great efficiency as they do not involve any locking mechanisms on items hanged upon them.


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