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Imitation Orchid White Small

Code: LA8689-2
Product Dimensions: 8x8x40H cm
Product Material: Plastic, Foam, Ceramic


Weight: 0.36kg
Length: 9.50cm
Width: 9.50cm
Height: 35.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 72

The inspiration from nature has been taken notches higher and the feel as well as the look of this orchid replica stuns you with its exactness. The white orchid rests in ceramic planter that seems to be filled with wood and moist soil - the stems rising elegantly - each bloom perfectly created. Make a change in the way you display flowers this winters with this tropical delight that wills save you the worry of fading, wilting and shedding.

If you love the look of vibrant and rich coloured orchids here is one that will make you fall in love with things sublime and pale - an orchid made to perfection, planted in a ceramic planter that seems to be as natural as the rest of the plant. The blooms have perfectly formed veined petals, buds hanging by the side, rubbery leaves and aerial roots searching for moisture in the air. You would be stunned by the almost real - feel touch of the flowers and the leaves. Made of plastic and foam, there is hardly any part of this artificial orchid that falls short of the real thing in its detailing. The creamy white colour is subdued enough to be called real - the thickness of the leaves sand the stem in a brown that is very much like the real stems that sprout from moss and wood. The shedding free option will never wilt and makes your life simpler as its maintenance is as easy - a simple wipe of damp cloth and the plant goes back to looking fresh and dewy. About 40 cm in height - it would look fabulous in any space that needs a touch of beauty and natural style. Arch the stems as you desire as they are bendable and can be turned and arranged as one would like them to be.

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