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Jar Mer Blu

Code: YT5192-1
Product Dimensions: 12x6x17cm
Product Material: Ceramic


Weight: 0.70kg
Length: 13.00cm
Width: 8.50cm
Height: 23.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 1

The very fact that porcelain and ceramic art dates back thousands of years and have yet remained pretty much a part of cultures and decors across the globe gives them a universal feel and a place of honour in home ware and this container with it gorgeous creamy white and blue colour superbly depicts the same rich tradition of art. Add it to your collection and lend it more substance in terms of look and usability.

Homes reflect the people we are - and the choices we make in what belongs s to our home certainly helps depict the art and design leaning we have - here is a splendid means to make your artistic side come to the fore. The simple and beautiful lines of this high glaze ceramic container as such will be difficult to resist. The jar is 17 cm tall with a light blue floral colour that harks back to the times when blue and white tiling was the norm in several mid - eastern designs and architecture as well. The jar is topped with a cap and stands robustly on its rectangular base. The well - balanced design comes from perfect aligning of length and height. Could be used to break the monotony of spaces and helping blend in this lovely Mediterranean blue colour into it. Could be paired up with several such ceramic pieces and help create a more vintage appeal in that space.

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