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Key Hide Snail

Code: U2233-4
Product Dimensions: 15.5x7x6.5cm


Weight: 2.85kg
Length: 24.00cm
Width: 9.00cm
Height: 17.00cm
Inner Qty: 4
Carton Qty: 16

You have always used the front door mat for it-assuming that nobody will guess-or perhaps the largest potted plant where you drop them off before taking off for the day. Give your keys a more safe and exclusive place that will be pretty much difficult to guess. Made from metal and shaped like a snail-it will sit in your garden, perhaps in the tall grass of the lawn and bear its secret like areal should be kept.

The perfect place to keep your all-important set of keys to the house, made sturdily from metal and hinged so as to make it easy for you to simply flip its top and slip in the keys. Place this in your garden or in the patio area-the choice is yours. The very presence of this garden creature will be the most natural of additions for this outdoor space. while it quietly performs the job of keeping the keys in its safe custody. Made from rugged metal, it is all of 15 cm in length and despite its antiquated and rough looks it still possesses all those tiny details that makes it such a delightful looking addition to the space. the top opens very easily and shows the inner space that is deep enough to hold a fairly large bunch of keys. It's the kind of presence that blends in so very perfectly with the space in question. Let the little snail make sure of the safety of your keys.

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