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Lapin Vest Cream

Code: LA8254-1
Product Dimensions: one size
Product Material: Rabbit


Weight: 0.32kg
Length: 64.00cm
Width: 48.00cm
Height: 1.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

Create a whole new appealing feel and look with this gorgeous vest fabricated from lapin, a luxury look that can seldom be replicated by any other materials - this fur vest is your best bet when the days get cold and you would like a change from the usual coats and jackets. Add this versatile vest that lends a sense of luxurious indulgence to your look and culls out a whole new fashionable style all yours.

Make yourself feel like a fashionista with this simple little addition to your wardrobe - send your dressing blues way with a vest made with such allure and style that you will find it difficult to resist touching and feeling its lovely soft fur every now and then. Fur has the innate ability to lend even the simplest of outfits the look of luxurious indulgence and this surely is one of those vest that will make even your ordinary denim and shirt outfit gain a whole new style. The fur has been treated to resist getting entangled and remain soft despite much usage. Its tassel like edges and the gorgeous cream colors makes it most appropriate for early winter days when the Spring is just setting in and the weather still carries the chill of winters. Snuggly soft round your neck, you can make it count towards adding that little dash of excitement even to the simplest of your clothes and make it seem like it is ready for the ramp.yu will simply love the light cream color ?so like the natural rabbit fur and its streaks of dark color that give it more uniqueness.

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