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Note Books

Leather Notebook Black Fold

Code: IA4250-2
Product Dimensions: 9x13H cm
Product Material: Leather, Paper


Weight: 0.32kg
Length: 10.00cm
Width: 4.50cm
Height: 13.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 72

You have always loved the look of journal quality leather bound books and diaries - here is one designed to fit in not just in your palm but also to your bag. Made with fine quality leather, the handcrafted piece brings a touch of vintage style to the way you make notes and keep your diary musings.

There are some of us who like details - be it noting down our own musing or simply ensuring that we forget nothing what we plan to do and thus like making our small little notes. Be it a phone number, an address, or a name - there is always something some of us like to pen down. Writing into a smart and vintage appeal notebook is the best way to accessorize your writing need. This folding leather cover notebook can be tied closed which keeps its pages neat and in place. The leather cover in black is supple ad folds with ease. The pattern on the top is a self - embossed kind. The pages held within are adequate and would be just great for keeping a journal style diary or for note writing. The bells attached to the edges adds a touch of Gypsy charm to its very eclectic looks. Made by hand, this well - crafted notebook showcases a perfect binding, a touch of brass dazzle and the perfect blend of utility and functionality with pretty good looks. The notebook is 13 cm in length and 9 mc in width.

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