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Note Books

Leather Notebook Gold Coin Large

Code: IA4235-2
Product Dimensions: 14x1x18H cm
Product Material: Leather. Paper (ruled)


Weight: 0.32kg
Length: 13.20cm
Width: 20.00cm
Height: 18.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Think orient and secret little messages in long hidden secret chambers and one can imagine a diary - gilt edged and golden hued - quite a lot like this leather bound gold embossed ruled diary on offer from Lavida that has used an ancient design and reworked it to create a gorgeous piece of stationery that would hold a place of pride on your desk.

A diary as intricate in its cover design can only be called a piece of art. This leather bound book comes with superior finish of handmade leather and that has been made to look even more regal with the gold colored pattern that adorns the entire face of the book. Journal quality binding - the kind that will be loved by all who like to maintain a table journal for all their everyday jottings. In times when all kinds of writings are done on a digitized space, here is a fresh look at how it was done traditionally by putting pen to paper . This book is about 18 cm high and 14 cm wide and would make a great looking everyday note book or table book. The lovely cover will ensure that you would still like to have the piece even after you have exhausted all its sheets. The fine quality tan leather cover is remarkable in its beauty. The lovely ancient pattern in gold is the kind that one would see in renaissance time paintings and lattice work. Here is that one of kind find, that has great utility as well as value in terms of how great it would look while adorning a study table or in one s hands.

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