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Market Bag Black/base

Code: LT3245-1
Product Dimensions: 47x13x68cm
Product Material: Straw, Cotton, Leather


Weight: 0.30kg
Inner Qty: 2

Make a vivid splash of ethnic style this summer with an arm candy that you will be as proud to carry for its obvious good looks, as you would be for its profoundly spacious and sturdy styling. Lend your accessory collection the touch of organic styling with the help of this straw and cotton made market bag whose colour and design aesthetics will please you immensely with its capacity to take on all those extras that suddenly appear on your shopping list.

The woes of an avid shopper would begin and end with the long lines at the counter and of course the limited capacity of most bags. After all, if you are truly an avid shopper, you would understand the phenomenon of a never-ending craving to buy more- and why not? After all, good deals are a great deal. Here is a shopping bag that will help you through the day by being right by your sidle helping you shop and stow away most of your purchases in its truly huge sized capacity. About 67 cm in height and 47 cm in length-the boat shaped bag is 13 cm in width. The shape is broader on top making it easier to fit in most of your purchases. The straw body is sturdy and the cotton trope made long handles ae gentle on your hands and shoulders. The patchworked leather embellishment adds to the beauty of the piece as well. A finish that adds to its charm makes it a wonderful addition to your summer accessory list.

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