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Bags & Purses

Market Bag Fringe

Code: BB306-2
Product Dimensions: 60x30x16cm
Product Material: Seagrass, Cotton, Shells


Weight: 0.60kg
Length: 46.00cm
Width: 19.00cm
Height: 51.00cm

They could be used in any art of your home as organizers or by the side of the settee where you would like to store either warm throw or a blanket-or simply keep them next to your study where all your study supplies could be kept in the neatest possible manner-there are so many varieties of ways in which this set of soft weave rounded belly tubs can be put to use -but above all, they make a spot of natural beauty endowing the save with their ethnic earthy presence.

The weave is soft and pliable-yet the built of the basket is quite solid and tough-here is a set of two soft bellied baskets that have handles on the sides and that are sized and created keeping in mind the need in modern homes for organizers that are durable and yet are the kind to lend a look most attractive to the spaces. A functionally relevant set of baskets that pack in the beauty if a natural origin material woven with much expertise in traditional manner that makes them quite a wonderful way to keep your home well organized. The larger of the two baskets is about 40 cm in height while its handles allow you to lift and carry whatever you may have decided to use it for, with ease. The smaller basket is about 36 cm in height. The lower portion of the baskets' base has been washed in white colour, making its appearance all the more attractive as the white and golden beige of the natural fibre combines with such elan. Practical organizing options from Lavida have truly come of age in terms of design and functional astuteness.

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