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Market Bag Fringe

Code: BB306-1
Product Dimensions: 60x30x16cm
Product Material: Seagrass, Cotton, Shells


Weight: 0.60kg
Length: 46.00cm
Width: 19.00cm
Height: 51.00cm

Shells and tassels, lace and woven grass-what could be more pleasing to the eye when shopping bags are to be picked as an accessory? After all, for big things and small, and all those things that never ever made it to the shopping list, yet deserve a place in the bag you need that large hobo that makes your shoulders feel relieved and your shopping time more relaxed. A superb pick for all avid shoppers and those who love their day long outings.

For a woman , what could be more important than her always necessary accessories be it her umbrella, her sunscreen, her make up bag and all kinds of Knick knack that she might suddenly need-that apart from money and other necessities-it is this and a lot more that may go into your day bag and making space for it all is this beautiful handcrafted piece from Lavida that combines fabric, shell, fibre and a style that can quite never go out of style. Bohemian chic to the core, the soft handles bag is shaped in a way that it opens out to a wide all-encompassing shape on the top and is fringed along the top with an inner layer of cotton cloth that gives the seagrass made structure, a great finish and a smart look. Make this your regular bag for everyday sue or your shopping bag, or simply place it at the back of the car for ferrying your shopping for the car. About 60 cm in length and 30 cm in height-it’s the quintessential generous sized shopper bag that one needs to own. Sturdy, solid and yet kind on your shoulders and hands when gripped.

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