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Bags & Purses

Market Bag White/pompoms Natural S/2

Code: BB315-1
Product Dimensions: L 58x17x68cm S 55x12x53cm
Product Material: Seagrass


Weight: 1.10kg
Length: 58.00cm
Width: 17.00cm
Height: 68.00cm

The colours combination that spells sheer sophistication and elegance and above all the ability to team up with all kinds of outfits. Here is one of those handbags for your shopping that will allow maximum space for all that you ned to buy, and while at the job it will make you look fashionably on the point! Add this set of trusty sturdy bags to your accessories and breathe easy when you happen t shop more than the bargain was for.

Add shopping bags to your collection that make your shopping or marketing day easy. The soft woven handles will not cut into your fingers when held with a load of things in them and despite the weight, will hold on fine. Has been woven using age old crafting technique that is made of polyester twine. The trim has been made of seagrass in natural beige colour. The pompoms along the rim are just three in number but add that beautiful highlight that adds to the colour chicness of the bag set. The boat shaped bags are wide mouthed and so will allow a great deal of stuff to be placed in its rather sturdy interiors. Will not lose balance and shall retain its shape despite much rough usage. In this set there are two bags, one slightly smaller than the other and the kind that will nest within the larger one when not in use.

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