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Market Carry-all Bag

Code: LT3242-2
Product Dimensions: 40x13x59cm
Product Material: Straw, Cotton, Leather


Weight: 0.25kg
Inner Qty: 2

As much fun as it is hectic, your shopping days can be a breeze when you have a shopping bag as sturdy and easy to carry as this straw made one. Made form an organic material it has as soft cotton rope made handles that are looped and long enough for you to sling it over your shoulder. The large spacious bag can afford you an ever expanding shopping list and if it's a day's outing you can rest assured, all of your essentials will find adequate space to fit in.

Make sure to add to your personal list of accessories, the best in shopping bags that give you ease of carrying as much as spacious capacity. Here is one created from straw and given a sturdy structure which feels quite pliable too. The long cotton rope made handle will allow you to carry it whichever way it suits you. The leather detailing adds to its overall charm. As an accessory it's got the looks to team up well as much with your formal clothing s with your everyday relax wear. Go on and shop as much as you desire knowing that you will have a reliable bag such as this to shoulder the burden for you-after all with a length of 59 cm, wide body at13 cm and a height of 40 cm, its inner sanctum is truly large and will ease your worry of having enough space. Use this at the back of cars and keep one in your closet for that run to the super market.

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