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Bags & Purses

Market/beach Basket Denim/shell

Code: BB369-1
Product Dimensions: 50x19x46cm
Product Material: Seagrass, Cotton, Seashell


Weight: 0.60kg
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 20

PLEASE NOTE: As each piece undergoes a process of being hand woven with natural materials and coloured with natural dyes, shape, size and colour may vary in this product range.

Delightfully created bag made of rice paper that is not merely sturdy but created to give you lightweight comfort when you pile it up with all your shopping. Especially on days when your shopping gets unexpectedly stretched such large bags come in real handy. The stylish looks and the structure that promises one a long - lasting presence in all your beach days or shopping outings, will surely make it your favourite accessory.

Glamourize the manner in which you shop with this large and roomy bag made from straw created from seagrass. Its soft, supple. lightweight and yet turdy enough for holding most of your day's needs. The cotton embellishment, the shells on the body and the soft made handles are all features that will instantly make you want to pick it up and swing it on your shoulders. The softly woven fibre stands out with its rustic kind of charm, the bag being narrow at its base and wide open on the top. The upper body has a stripe of fabric embellished with shells that adds more to its rather attractive looks. The blue and white combines wonderfully with the natural seagrass colour adding to its organic kind of looks. The bag is 50 cm in length and about 45 cm in height with wide rounded curved handles also made of seagrass that has been traded to feel smooth when held.

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